Talent is the fuel of great companies

It is the talents who facilitate change and disruption, turning ordinary business models into extraordinary ones. Technology Denmark wants to shape Denmark as a unique growth hub and leading IT & Tech industry and provides new exiting employment opportunities for the future IT & Tech talents.


Technology Denmark aims to attract, develop and maintain IT-talents.

We want to: 

- Substantially increase the amount of talents who pursue a career in IT & Tech

- Create flexible educations of outstanding quality with close connection to the industry

- Ensure that more talented start-ups evolve into successful growth companies

- Increase the visibility and awareness of the IT & Tech industry towards talents

- Substantially increase the amount of student positions and internships in companies

How can I contribute?

Participate in our action plan by becoming a partner: Help us reform education and develop new talents, thereby generating growth in your own as well as other companies.

Join our network: Our CEOs meet at organized meetings where ideas flourish, partnerships and business meet and new growth initiatives come to life.