Why Technology Denmark?

Talent is the fuel of great companies

It is the talents who facilitate change and disruption, turning ordinary business models into extraordinary ones


Establishment of new educational programs with clear standards and values, as well as cooperation with local and global universities and institutions in shaping Denmark as a unique growth hub and leading IT & Tech industry. These are just a few of the objectives Technology Denmark has, and we hope that by 2020 we will be able to provide more than 1,500 new employment opportunities for the future IT & Tech talents.


How can I contribute?

Participate in our action plan by becoming a partner: Help us reform education and develop new talents, thereby generating growth in your own as well as other companies.

Join our network: Our CEOs meet at organized meetings where ideas flourish, partnerships and business meet and new growth initiatives come to life.


The objectives of Technology Denmark are clear and ambitious. By 2017, we will have created 500 new jobs for the digital age, and by 2020 we will have created no less than 1,500 new jobs. Our ambitions are to:


  • Substantially increase the amount of talents who pursue a career in IT & Tech

  • Create flexible educations of outstanding quality with guaranteed internships and jobs

  • Double the amount of student positions in companies

  • Ensure that more talented start-ups evolve into successful growth companies

  • Increase the visibility and awareness of the IT & Tech industry