From the 24th to 26th of March, students from SDU with an interest in game development competed in developing the best game at GAMEJAM – organized by enjam.

As an event sponsor, Technology Denmark presented the winners with movie theater tickets, as well as VIP tickets for the Tech Talent Conference on the 10th of May. Meeting future IT & Tech talents is an important part of Technology Denmarks efforts, and great initiatives like GAMEJAM is therefore something Technology Denmark happily supports.

Students from engineering programs like Software, Robot Systems, Learning and Experience Technology, and Welfare Technology worked in teams to develop the best game, resulting in platform-, multiplayer-, virtual reality games, and more. Four students from the Learning and Experience Technology program developed a 3rd person multiplayer game that won the title in the category ‘best game’.

enjam organizes jams at SDU with the purpose of attracting students across different programs, putting their creativity and professional competency to the test. enjam organizes one jam per semester and is now looking for sponsors and partners for IoTjam (Internet of Things) in October.

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