Talent Fellowship

Get a Masters degree in computer science while working in the Danish technology industry.

The Talent Fellowship is a unique opportunity to get financial support for your Master's degree studies and at the same time develop your competences by working in the actual technology industry. You also get the opportunity to participate in exciting events, get personal talent development and meet new friends – for a life-changing experience!

What we offer you

  • Guaranteeing a paid study job.

  • Career counselling for your future.

  • Connecting with the IT & Tech industry through your study jobs, cutting-edge events about the newest technologies, and company visits.

  • Working with real projects; transforming your ideas into leading IT & Tech companies’ next new products or technologies.

  • An accomodation guarantee if you don't already live in Odense.

  • Community affiliation where you meet developers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and other important decision makers - all members of the Technology Denmark community.

  • New friendships; forming lasting bonds with like-minded ambitious students and build up a valuable network.

  • Learn more about applying here.

The Talent Fellowship is a result of a unique collaboration between Technology Denmark, The University of Southern Denmark and the municipality of Odense. Our unique approach give students a thorough grounding in innovative tech industries, a Master’s degree in Computer Science of high international standard and a wonderful cultural experience of living in Odense, Denmark.

Q & A

Where does the Talent Fellowship take place?

Our Talent Fellowship is aimed at Master students in Computer Science at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). We are expanding to other universities and cities, so keep an for eye us or call if you what to know more.

How long is the fellowship running?

The talent fellowship runs for 2 years at your Master’s degree.

When is it possible to apply?

Applications opens on January 1, 2018. If you meet our requirements and we can match you with a company, you may be invited to an interview (via web-connection) during the spring. You will receive your acceptance or decline by early June.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Elite Program?

We see talent as skills as well as the willingness to constantly develop and become a better version of yourself. We only recruit the best and we have high standards of entry. We look for motivated and ambitious students, and your participation in the program depends on your continuous efforts and engagement with the partners. Learn more about applying here

Want to know more?

Read more about the fellowship here or contact us at mail@technologydenmark.dk

Partners in the Fellowship program