Elite Program

Elite Program

Develop a killer CV and work with real-life problem solving

Through workshops, internships and real-life problem solving, you will build an awesome CV of tech based skills including a Technology Denmark Graduate Certification of Excellence. We provide you with a unique opportunity to participate in events and meetings about the latest technologies and trends related to your specific field of interest.


Get an internship and job guarantee with leading companies in the  IT & Tech industry

Our Elite Program provides you with a business mentor and an internship guarantee in an innovative IT & Tech growth company. You will therefore be challenged and develop in close connection with ambitious colleagues. You are also guaranteed your first job when you graduate!


Participate in exciting events and case competitions

You will be invited to hear experts and ‘Master Minds’ on topics such as digital transformation and new technologies. You can also make an actual impact on the Tech industry by participating in idea and case competitions with our corporate partners. Your idea might be a company’s next product, and you can be certain that your voice and ideas will be heard.


Learn how to develop the talent that will bring you to the next level in IT & Tech

We give you the opportunity to develop your talent through customized sessions for personal development. Through individually targeted sessions, you will learn how to manage your talent and bring yourself to the next level.


Learn and live abroad in a world-class city

The Elite Program is currently on offer in Odense, a major cultural hub of Denmark. The Guardian has named Odense 'Europe’s most livable city'. It is safe, green and has more than 300 cultural events a year – one of which is the big international music festival Tinderbox, which you can also work with during the Elite Program.

The Elite Program

Our unique approach gives students a thorough grounding in innovative new industries, resulting in a rich understanding of how past, present, and future come together.


The Elite Program is about:

  • Guaranteeing an internship and your first job
  • Getting a business mentor and a personal talent trainer to make sure you utilize your talent in the best possible way
  • Connecting with the IT & Tech industry through internships, cutting-edge events about the newest technologies, and company visits
  • Working with real projects; transforming your ideas into leading IT & Tech companies’ next new products or technology
  • Community affiliation where you meet developers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and other important decision makers - all members of the Technology Denmark community.
  • New friendships; forming lasting bonds with like-minded ambitious students and build up a valuable network


Where does the Elite Program take?

The program is developed and executed in collaboration with leading Danish universities and business academies. The Elite Program takes place in Odense parallel to your regular tech education.

How long does each program last?

The Elite Program runs for one and a half years.

When is it possible to apply?

The application deadlines for applying to the Elite Program is October 15 and May 15.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Elite Program?

We see talent as skills as well as the willingness to constantly develop and become a better version of yourself. We only recruit the best and we have high standards of entry. We look for motivated and ambitious students, and your participation in the program depends on your continuous efforts and engagement with the partners.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at mail@technologydenmark.dk


Attending the Elite Program is free of charge.